“The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it’s still on my list.„

—Jared Leto (via floriinmars)
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lizgillz: Ok, last one, I promise.

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Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014

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“Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.„

Carl Jung  (via dissapolnted)
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We are all Josh Hutcherson

The HunTer Games and Catching fireS tho

The Hunter games


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I love it when cats have this reaction to things, it’s just like, “HUMAN, EXPLAIN THIS BULLSHIT.”

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ziam power rangers

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Anonymous said:
5SOS superhero pref? I know it's chesey but yeah :) xx


Once again Im really sorry this is late like by 4 or 5 weeks at most? Ive had loads of A-Level work to do and tbh have been feeling down and been bad again so Ive been trying to stay strong, I hope this makes up for it and I am always taking request just please patient from now until 6th June which is my last exam!

Also PLEASE check out the fan video im making HERE and its rebloggable HERE. please take part as I think its a fab idea and I can spam the link to the boys (band+Cal) on my account and some of my twitter friends have follows from Luke, Ash and Mike.



I may do a part 2 if this gets say 15 notes? or if its requested.

I got carried away with Michael Im sorry!

I changed the backstories alittle so its not like the actual batman or the actual spiderman!

anyway here it is:

Luke. (Batman)

"where are you going again? you always do this! you always leave without an explanation!" I yell at Luke once again. He always leaves in the middle of something and this time it was a party event for his company and of course he had a speach to do but no he dicides its time to dissappear once again.
"Y/N babe please trust me" he says trying to sound resaonable
"why? I do trust you Luke but you keep going off and not telling me where so if youre cheating or anything just go, is she better then me?" I shout tears to fall down my face. I am thankful were in his office and not out with everyone else where they can hear us shouting.
"no. no one is better than you Y/N! youre the best damn thing thats ever happened to me! I love you so much and I promise I will explain things" he pleads
"just go, but you best tell me when you get back because Im done with your ‘I’ll tell you later’ lines because youve used it one too many times!"
He walked over and wraps his arms me.
"I love you so much beautiful and Im really sorry"
He kisses me head and leaves.

Calum. (Iron man)

"I have to go again" Calum says as he goes to put on his suit.
"really we were just going out to meet YOUR family" I reply slightly annoyed.
"Im sorry but the city needs me" he says
"you sound like batman"
"oh shush" he steps to me and places a soft kiss to my lips. "just tell my mum something came up and I will be there as soon as I can. plus my mum loves you anyway" We laugh "so if you please calm her down before I get there so then she doesnt attempt to kill me for being late once again"
"youre lucky I flipping love you Hood" I smile and stand on my tip toes to kiss his lips.
"and I love you"

Michael (Spiderman)

"Michael I swear to God if youre late again I will kill you" I say angrily into my phone. Michael had decided it would be a good idea for me to come round his house for dinner. He was meant to come round mine for a couple hours before so we can have some us time. He has been dissappearing off a lot lately and yes I am suspicious but I trust him. My phone started ringing which made me jump. I recognised the ringtone as Michaels.
"where on earth are you" I say as soon as I answer
"well hello to you too and Im in Y/T/N hbu?" I could hear his smirk through the phone.
"yeah well you should be here with me like you erm I dont know Promised?"
"shit Im so sorry babe but err" I cut him off
"Something came up?"
"yeah" he sighs apologetically
"fine but what about tonight"
"just go round mine now, Ive told my mum your coming and she said okay, you both can talk about how I keep leaving I know you like to"
"fine I’ll see you later"
"bye babe I love you"
"I love you to"
It was already half 6 so I started to walk to Michaels. It was getting dark due to it being winter. I put my earphones in and pressed play on my music. I was about to cry the road when I speeding car came. I screamed. I was almost hit until something came and moved me out the way. I saw him. Spiderman. He was standing on the wall a typical pose for him.
"thanks" I say "I should really stop being clumsy". I laugh at myself.
"yeah you should wouldnt want your pretty face getting hurt now would we?"
He came down and moved a piece of hair from my face and got closer.
"who are you" I asked furrowing my eyebrows. I slowly lift my hands to his mask to lift it over his head. He didnt move until the mask revealed his nose. He put his hands up.
"Sorry" I say.
He moves in slowly like he was going to kiss me. He got close to my face.
"Im sorry I cant I have a boyfriend and no matter how much he disspaears in the day and night I love him" I say breathlessly
He paused and moved back.
"he loves you too"
"howd you know"
He put his hands to his mask and slowly lifted it off…

Ashton (Hulk)

"WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS ASHTON" I scream at him. we never really fought but when we did it was like world war 3. I had been on a week retreat sort of thing for a week and came back to see the house a complete and utter mess. No washing up done. No beds made. No bins taken out. Take out containers everywhere. Pizza boxes on the floor. not that you could see the floor. This always happens. I almost turned down the work retreat just so I wouldnt have to come back to this but Ashton persuaded me to saying ‘this time it will be different I will keep the places clean’.
"ALWAYS DO WHAT" he screamed back. I took a deep breathe hoping if I stay calm he can.
"You always say you can keep this place clean and you cant. you always promise to do something and never do it"
"well Im sorry I have a band to be a part of. Im sorry I have other priorities" he said tone filled with anger
"look Ash just please clean up the place I will even help if you want" I say putting my hand up and walking towards him.
"NO" he screams "I can do it myself Im not a baby just leave my alone Y/N I need some space"
He started to walk out but I stopped him and hugged him.
"Im sorry for screaming" I say quietly hoping not to anger him more which I was probably already doing.
"Y/N babe let go" He said getting frustrated.
I stepped away and saw his breathing increase.
"Im sorry" he said as he ran out the door.

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part 2 of superhero preference as it was requested and got the 15 notes for the next part! if you want a part 3 just request but I dont know if it needs one. If part 3 is requested I may just do the boys which need I think need finishing unless you want 4/4 again.

I realised I quoted tfios in Lukes but THAT BOOK WRECKED MY EMOTIONS BOTH TIMES I READ IT AND I STILL WANNA READ IT AGAIN. SOMEONE HELP ME. I didnt proof read either sorry

Y/T/N means Your town name

Im sorry Michaels and Ashtons are rushed but if a part 3 is requested then I will do it properly. I just really wanted to post this

Part one can be found here

request things here


Luke (Batman)

It was now past midnight when I finally arrived to mine and Lukes shared home. I took of my heels by the door and headed upto our bedroom. I made my way over to the bed and sat down. I took my hair down my the half up do it was in and let the curls fall freely around my face. I stand up and just as I was about to undo my little black dress I felt a large pair of hands wrap around and a head rest in the crook of my neck.
"I didnt hear you come in" I say looking straight ahead
"Sorry I didnt know if you were asleep or not" he said softly and kissed my neck and then slowly up to my ear which he began to nibble on. I sighed and turned around and saw him pouting.
"stop trying to distract me Lucas" I sigh putting a hand on his chest. "Just tell me where you keep dissappearing off to in the middle of the night"
"I cant its hard to say and you will probably leave me if you knew" He said softly tears brimming in his eyes.
"Luke" I sigh putting my other hand to his face stroking it slightly as I knew it calms him down. "Im not leaving, wouldnt you think I wouldve already left you by now? I trust you and if youre cheating just tell me so I dont get hurt more than I will now" I feel a tear rolling down my cheek. "I love you and it hurts me to see you come back covered in bruises sometimes and then you use the excuse ‘im sorry late night at the office’ so please" tears are falling freely now "tell me where you go all the time. I promise you im not leaving you" I finish. He places a long deep passionate kiss on my lips and leads me slowly to the bed. I fall back and he hovers above me.
"okay" he says
"okay I say "well"
"I help people, I go fight off badguys as the police cant always do it as they are too strong and I didnt want you worrying about me because Im fine. Its you I always think about and I think I cant leave the woman I love alone on earth. Its you that keeps me strong and its you that is the reason I do what I do" he whipsers above me. I didnt realise I was holding in a breath until I went to speak.
"so what are you saying" I ask shyly
"what Im saying is that Im really sorry I didnt tell you sooner but" He pauses and smirks. He leans closer to my ear so close I can feel his hot breath. "Im batman"

Calum (Iron man)

Buildings in lower Y/T/N are under attack. Iron man has been spotted helping civilans escape and has also gone after the dreaded monster which at this moment is climbing up the local newspaper head quaters.

I heard from the TV in the living room. I was currently in the kitchen making dinner which could be warmed up when Calum arrived home. He always got hungry after saving the city. You had called his mum explaining everything and that if they come round you would cook them a meal. You were cooking a chicken curry which was your signature dish. You were almost done when you heard the doorbell ringing so you checked everything and went to answer it. You saw Calums mum, dad and sister Mali standing there.
"Hello darling" Calums mum greeted you while coming in for a hug.
"Hi Mrs Hood" I smile back releasing form the hug. I said hello to Mali and Calums dad aswell before we all went to sit in the kitchen. They all sat round the island table. Luckily I had set plates out earlier.
"Its almost ready and as always just take what you want from the middle" I say and they all agree. I pick up Calums plate and put some on it and put it aside so that he can have it later. I plate the rest of the food up and place it on the table.
"Wow my fav Y/N thank you" Mali said
"its okay" I reply. Once we all got food and was eating the conversation went back to Calum.
"I dont know how you put up with him Y/N, keep disappearing off" His mother says
"yeah I know I mean Im always worried" his father adds
"same" Mali says before taking a drink
"well he wants me to try and calm you down before he gets home so you dont kill him for cancelling again" I laugh
"well you have a little but I still will moan at him"
We were interupted by the news.

Breaking news the headquaters of the local newspaper has fallen down, luckily all people were evactuated.

I stopped breathing.

Further reports say Iron man was inside the building the the monster when it fell and there has been no sign of him at the moment…

Michael (Spiderman)

"Michael" I laugh putting my hand to my forehead "of course"
"what not happy" he asks seeming shocked.
"no believe I am and I am also beyond relief" I sigh "why didnt you tell me?" I question
"because I didnt know how and I knew I had to as I knew you was close to leaving me" he said seeming reliefed I was still here
"I want planning on leaving however I was planning on finding out why you kept disappearing but I guess I dont know"
"no you dont and I promise I will alwyas keep you safe but right now I have to go because the city needs me" he says and just as he is about to fly off again I grab his arm and give him a deep passionate kiss. Once we part I look him in the eye and say "Clifford you best be there tonight or the monster in the city is the last thing you have to worry about"

Ashton (Hulk)

I waited about 20 minutes to calm down before I went to find Ashton. I had to find him and say sorry because he went all mad. Although I knew to stay away from him when he was mad I couldnt not just sit at home and wonder if hes out there destroying something because of my actions. I slipped on my shoes and picked up my car keys and headed to my car. I drove around all the places he might be but kept one place till last. His old treehouse. I dont know why I kept it till last when I shouldve gone there first. By now it was 10.30pm and pretty dark but I could see a light from the treehouse. I headed towards it and then started to climb up. Once I was inside I saw Ashton in the far corner and it sounded like he was crying. I tried to stay as silent as I could until reached him however half way across I stepped on a creaky wooden plank which made him turn to look at me and then quickly turn back.
"what are you doing here?" he spat at me
"Im here to see if youre okay" I say calmly "you know we may fight but that doesnt mean I stop caring for you".
By now I was infront of him and waiting for him to look at me but he wasnt moving
"why would you care anyway, im just a stupid person who cant keep promises"
"Ash baby, I love you and I will always put up with you. I mean I would be gone by now if I wasnt going to put up with your little flaws" I say stroking his face
"little flaws?" he scoffed "you are scared of me, you dont like to fight and you tiptoe around me when im like this." he looked up at me and I saw tears down his face. It was heartbreaking "I hate hurting you. I hate being scared that one day Im going to hurt you or your going to leave. please dont leave me.please I do my best" I quickly pulled him into my lap and he lay there crying.
"shhh its okay baby" I say stroking his hair as I knew it calmed him "im right here and Im not going anywhere."

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Okay, doesn’t dan look like a young CROWLEY?



First we have Cousin Matt and now we have Dan


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